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Adding the Monday Window badge to your post

As is true for so much in the computer world, there is more than one way of doing most any job. That applies as well to adding the Monday Window badge to a blog post.

The badge consists of an image that has a hyperlink attached. The image is available online at the Monday Window blog site, so there is no need to download the picture and then upload it to your own Media Library.

add-badge-11The posts here on the Monday Window site all include the linked badge. When you move the pointer to the badge image you can see the web address that it links to in the lower left of the browser window.

The quick way of copying and inserting the badge

    • Open this or another Monday Window post in another tab of your browser.


  • Scroll down to the badge.
  • Move the pointer to the left of the badge.
  • Press down the left mouse key and move the pointer across the badge to the right. Release the mouse button. The badge will be “highlighted” as you can see in the illustration here.
  • Do a copy operation, hold down the Ctrl key and press C. The badge is now on your (hidden) clipboard.
  • In your post move the cursor to the location where you wish to insert the badge.
  • Do a paste operation, hold down the Ctrl key and press V. That’s it. The badge is in your post. You can move it around. as you would any other image.

The expert way of adding the Monday Window badge

The “expert” way of adding the Monday Window badge is to add a little bit of HTML code.  This is the code, copy it and save it in a text file and insert it into your post using Text mode:

[ code ]
<a href="">
<img src=""/></a>
[ /code ]


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