Monday Window – October 21, 2019

From Inside

Two window photos, one from my desk, the other from the top floor of a large shopping mall. There is a bit more to this story below.

It was nearly twelve years ago when I decided to go digital and purchased a “DSLR”. One of the first photos was just a view out the window where I unpacked and tried out my new tool. Then, a few days later, I took it out for a more thorough “shake-down cruise”.

In the last few days I have been setting up a new laptop computer and started to install some of my favorite photo editing tools. I had held off getting the latest versions so I could install them fresh on this new machine. It seemed fitting to reach back and try out the newest improvements on some of my earliest digital photos. I treat the RAW files from the camera like I did negatives in the old days, keep them for future reprocessing. So this is what I have done.

Monday Window is a weekly blog post featuring one or more photos of windows prominently or as the main subject.

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