Monday Window – June 8, 2020

Shadows and Light

Light and shadows are what photography is made of. The stark contrast of inky deep shadows and luminous highlights has been one of my favorite genre. Yet, that is not my own way of seeing. I have always tried to look into the shadowy places, to see all of the world around me.

Last January one of my posts featured the Classic Windows of “the Grand Old Lady of Peachtree Street”, but I did not give credit or describe the location. I did comment on hoping to revisit the place. Alas, the dark days of the pandemic still persist. As a member of the most vulnerable age group, I can only do a visit to my archive .

This time we take another look at the intricate architectural details, and windows, of the Georgian Terrace Hotel. The building was started in 1910, yes, more than a century ago. Some four decades ago it stood empty, abandoned and neglected, it even was condemned and close to being torn down. Some, however, did not give up on the Old Lady, it was restored, a modern expansion added, and it served as an apartment complex for a few years,  then was reincarnated as a grand hotel.

This weeks post is the 101st on this blog. It started on February 12, 2016. It was meant to present a collection of links to other bloggers’ post on the topic of windows. The concept was all wrong but I stuck with it for the first year. It just didn’t work the way I was doing it. So I gave up. The blog sat “in the shadows” until last July (2019), when I decided to try again but with a better approach. I would post a window photo and invite other bloggers to do likewise, adding a comment on my post with links to theirs.

That has been working like a charm. A wonderful group of bloggers has joined in, showing windows from all over the world. WordPress also has made some significant changes in recent times that makes finding the windows posts easier.

Our audience, consisting, of course, primarily of our happy group of “Monday Window” bloggers, has steadily grown. Not a huge crowd, but a wonderful group of friends.

I want to thank all my fellow blogger friends and all those who are following this blog. You have brought light to my life and so many others. Thank you, thank you!


Monday Window is a weekly blog post challenge featuring one or more photos of windows, prominently or as the main subject. Please see the sidebar.

See Monday Window postsPlease visit the participating blogs. You will be delighted and astounded by the rich and imaginative offerings by the bloggers from around the world.

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