Monday Window – June 29, 2020

Church Windows

This week we walk up Peachtree Street in Atlanta and take a quick look at St. Mark United Methodist Church. This was in late summer four years ago, at about 5:30 in the afternoon. The shadows of the taller buildings across the street made for poor photography, although some folks didn’t seem to mind. I promised myself to get there earlier when full sunlight was on the church building. I haven’t made it yet.

Alright. How about looking above the shadows.

Tall and rather airy windows up there.

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24 thoughts on “Monday Window – June 29, 2020”

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  2. I personally don’t like taking photos from inside a church (I am worried about disturbing somebody’s worship although I myself am not a Christian) but I always wonder what the windows look from the inside. And if the original architects considered the effects inside or outside more important.

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  3. I don’t take photos often inside churches and only with permission and at a quiet time. I do think the stained glass was meant for the worshippers inside. Thank you eklastic.

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  4. Thank you Alice. Sometimes the only way to get away from the shadows is to wait for an overcast day. You are lucky that you can enjoy the wonderful sights of Savannah at any time. I’m jealous.

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  5. They can look wonderful at night with lights inside the church. But I don’t get around much on those occasions. You have me wondering if I should plan some exploring …

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