Monday Window – July 20, 2020

Windows, nothing but windows

Here we are paying a visit to Buckhead. Buckhead is a commercial and residential district in the north part of Atlanta, Georgia. It is a bustling, lively area with a wonderful variety of unique architecture, very modern, with some older styles mixed in.

In this post I am showing views of the Atlanta Financial Center building. A huge complex that is built over a freeway and transit rail line. But we will just look at windows.

That should satisfy our passion for windows for a day …

Monday Window is a weekly blog post challenge featuring one or more photos of windows, prominently or as the main subject. Please see the sidebar.

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18 thoughts on “Monday Window – July 20, 2020”

  1. Thank you, eklastic. There are many “glassy” buildings along Peachtree Road. I have not ever noticed any bothersome reflections. Planes fly much too high to be affected, but I feel sorry for the birds that can’t tell window from sky until it is too late.

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  2. I must admit that kitty-corner across the street from that building in my photos some structures were installed for which I prepared the drawings. (I am prouder of the photos.)

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