Monday Window – July 27, 2020

Windows in a Fort

I was working on a post for another of my blogs. Some photos of Fort Pulaski in the mouth of the Savannah river by Tybee Island, Georgia. I dug up a handful of old photos and was going over them trying to decide what to use in my post when I noticed this frame.

A closer look was called for. Yes, indeed, two of the gun ports have windows in them!

Really, take an even closer look. A window! So I just had to use it for my Monday Window post. Even before finishing the post over at 2C2V.

OK, that it for today. Intrigued? Go on over to 2c2v and see my post.

Monday Window is a weekly blog post challenge featuring one or more photos of windows, prominently or as the main subject. Please see the sidebar.

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20 thoughts on “Monday Window – July 27, 2020”

  1. Intriguing indeed. Although, I am not military minded. But the moment one dives into history it is difficult to avoid it, just as it is difficult to avoid the church (at least in Europe).

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  2. Thanks, tg. Now I have to schedule another visit to go an photograph the other side. Will have to wait till after the pandemic as the park is closed now.

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