Monday Window – August 17, 2020

Mall Skylight

There is a folder on my computer named BLOGS, it contains sub-folders for my various blogs including MondayWindow, In that one I keep more folders with photos for past and future posts. When I am not sure what I would like to show next I open my folder called REVIEW. There I have several dozen images, some good, some bad, some interesting, some boring. One of them, and it is the one in this post, I have passed up again and again. It is from way back in 2012 taken with my long decommissioned Nokia Lumia 900 phone.

This photo shows an interesting skylight but there is some water or something falling in a rather unattractive way. I just could not remember where that was taken and what I was trying to photograph. I thought and pondered, where, oh where, have I been at a place with water and a skylight. Our local mall has a fountain in the center court with a skylight. Is that it?

Google search!

Sure enough, the skylight design, layout and relative sizes match, even the sunlight and shadows. It’s Gwinnett Place Mall.

But why that ugly water. A quick look at the data for the photo showed Aperture: f/2.2 Exposure: 1/293 sec Latitude:ย  33.9608 Longitude: -84.1258.

Of course, why didn’t I look there first?! Smartphones record the geographic position with each photo! And yes, indeed, those coordinates go right to that location.

Oh, about the water. Smartphones always shoot wide open and to get the right exposure use a faster shutter speed in bright light. An exposure time of a 1/300 of a second will pretty well stop the falling water in that fountain burst. No neat streaming, no neat streaks. Ugly, but informative.

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