Monday Window – August 24, 2020

As I sorted through my folder full of window photos I found another neglected image. So here it is.

What struck me was the view in one window and out the other. That also gets me to put on my “sharing hat”. Sharing a bit of experience, but first the cropped area of the photo that shows what perked up my ears.

When we look at windows it is reflections that often are really the subject. Take a look at this window:

And this view:

I have intentionally not edited these two photos, they are just as they came out of the camera. The reason is so the difference that a polarizing filter can make is obvious.

Yes, that is the difference. Both photos were shot through a circular polarizing filter. Only the rotational position of the filter was changed. So much for my bit of pedagogy. If you are intrigued, look up the topic, there is lots of good information on using CP filters out there – also a lot of questionable info, but you will recognize the fluff.

Here another view of the whole building.

Oh, if you still have questions after doing some research, ask in a comment here. I will share what I know.

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