Monday Window – October 5, 2020

Windows with Blinds

The texture of the siding matching the slats of the window blinds caught my eye. Then I also notices the slots of the air conditioning unit.

Nothing special, just an old house with an interesting look. I was on my way to photograph a festival in Norcross.

The horizontal lines just seemed to wave to me. I snapped the photo planning to use it on Monday Window some day. It had slipped into the archive without the proper tag. I saw it when I was retrieving some of the festival photos.

Moral: Never forget to tag!

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16 thoughts on “Monday Window – October 5, 2020”

  1. From a German perspective it seems interesting that the blinds are inside. It’s nice to see somebody taking an interest in ordinary houses not just in grand buildings 🙂

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  2. Thanks, eklastic. On this side of the pond, these blinds are very popular for controlling the light and privacy. It is that concern with privacy that has me pass by windows on houses, places were people live. Grand places seem to be built for looking at rather than looking out.

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