Monday Window – December 14, 2020

Happy Holidays!

It has been a difficult year for all of us. The pandemic has taken a massive toll and celebrating seems hard to do. My photography has been sparse. I did go out this past week for some photos of holiday lights. Many places as dim this year, but the houses still are lighted inside.

I am reaching back to a house in a nearby neighborhood from last year and even farther back for my featured image.

I shared this composite several times before. It has become my greeting card for the holiday season. The old cabin is now a display in McDaniels Farm Park in Duluth, Georgia, but once it was the home of a family. I photographed it many years ago at this time of year when a simple wreath is all the decoration that is applied to it.

The warm, friendly lights from the tree inside are a photo of the tree in our home.

I extend my best wishes to all. May this be the rebirth of better times, of renewed health and happiness across this big earth of ours.


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12 thoughts on “Monday Window – December 14, 2020”

  1. I also had Christmas on my mind – a window I saw in an allotment cabin a couple of years ago. But I have to keep it short, a new lockdown starting the day after tomorrow was just announced. With the result that everyone is rushing out for some last minute shopping. I just need groceries but it still means I have to brave the masses. Take care!

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  2. Thank you eklastic! Trust your shopping was a success. We are getting low and I just got a reminder from Aldi that it has been 7 days since we ordered from them. Hope that better days will come soon.

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