Monday Window – January 4, 2021

Welcome to Monday Window in 2021

Happy New Year! With the new year we are also starting another season of looking for, at and through windows. The small community of bloggers who contribute to this topic will face new challenges. Hopefully they will be less troublesome than those of the past year.

It seems fitting to start with a quick review of what Monday Window is all about.

Well, it is about photos showing windows. Windows large and small, fancy windows and plain, modern windows and time-worn relics. Windows in buildings, houses, huts and more. Windows in vehicles of all kind. Windows meant to be seen and utilitarian windows. Windows on instruments, tools, machines, and many other devices. Windows from the outside and windows from the inside. Man-made windows and windows that nature has built.

Surely, I have not enumerated them all. Our Monday Window bloggers are imaginative and observant and find windows in grand places and hidden nooks and crannies. This group takes visitors all over the world, inside and out.

And how do they share their finds? By blogging about them on their own sites. By sharing links to their posts in the comments to posts on this site. By using tags, Monday Window and/or MondayWindow that all visitors to round up the latest posts from all over in their WordPress Reader.

By including links in their posts to and they direct viewers to our enthusiastic community.

Here are logos that have been used to identify Monday Window bloggers.

A bit of history about myself. Back in 1950, yes, seventy years ago, I did this water color. I had already caught the photography bug, but painting was dear to me. See I started on windows quite a while ago.


This is the house depicted in the painting, but the back side, the painting looks our the a window on the street side.

House in Sinsheim

Monday Window is a weekly blog post challenge featuring one or more photos of windows, prominently or as the main subject.

See Monday Window posts

Please visit the participating blogs. You will be delighted and astounded by the rich and imaginative offerings by the bloggers from around the world.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Window – January 4, 2021”

  1. That I am, Margaret, always eager for an enjoyable bite. You have provided that! Not been doing much painting lately. Maybe the new year will bring back the fun of creating.

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  2. Thank you eklastic. That watercolor was painted in Sinsheim. Long before they got the Concord. I think it is always time for holiday photos – all of them!

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