Monday Window – March 8, 2021

Seeing windows

I was stopped at a traffic light when the windows of the truck ahead of me on the other side of the intersection struck me as interesting. As I had just stopped for the changing light I had plenty of time to pull out my phone and take a couple of pictures.

The truck’s windows had apparently been splashed with muddy water during the recent rain and the wiped areas made the windows seem rather like eyes to me.

Well, phones take rather wide-angle photos and the truck was just a small spot in the picture. Funny how we can seemingly zoom in on subjects with our eyesight, even when they are rather far away.

We also seem to be able to reduce the actual details that are in front of us to just the interesting lines and areas. Sort of like this:

Well, let’s settle on just a crop from the photo as my entry today for Monday Window.

Monday Window is a weekly blog post challenge featuring one or more photos of windows, prominently or as the main subject.

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  1. Thank you bushboy. I had been working on a presentation, “See like an artist”, and one of the topics is seeing outlines. So I was using some of those effects when this delivery truck interrupted …

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