Monday Window – March 15, 2021

Five and Ten Years Ago

Just five years ago I was trying to get Monday Window underway. It started out well and then had its share of problems. But today I want to celebrate.

It was the sixth post that introduced this badge:

Only much later did I clean it up and make it look a tad more professional.

Should you wish to use one of these logos to promote the Monday Window community, you can do click on the ones below and download them.

But even longer ago, this time of year back in 2011, I started the 2C2V blog. Some of the earliest posts there featured windows. Looking back in my archive, I was rather surprised how windows attracted my attention and were my frequent subjects. I will share some of those in the next few weeks as the anniversary dates come by.

Monday Window is a weekly blog post challenge featuring one or more photos of windows, prominently or as the main subject.

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Please visit the participating blogs. You will be delighted and astounded by the rich and imaginative offerings by the bloggers from around the world.

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