Monday Window – April 5, 2021

An Oldie: Outhouse Window

Some five years ago, on April 10, 2016 to be more precise, this was the featured image here on Monday Window.

The photo had been taken on February 29 that year (yes, it was a leap year). It was not the first time I had photographed this place. In fact it was one of the first subjects when I “went digital” in 2008.

My first digital photos were some snapshots around the house that I took with my newly acquired Nikon D60. That was on April 5, 2008. You can see why I am celebrating this anniversary today.

The following day I took the camera to McDaniel Farm Park in Duluth, Georgia. The second photo there, the filename still is “FirstLight2 002.jpg”, was of this old outhouse. – Here it is.

And here a crop from that old photo of just the window. I allowed myself to do a wee bit of re-processing to sharpen up the image.

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