Monday Window – April 12, 2021

“That Window”

Amongst my hundreds of photos of windows, there is this one that seems to have a really good agent. It comes up again and again. Sometimes featured by itself, sometimes with the others in that building.

Yeah, that one with the balcony. It was featured ten years ago in the post “Window with Balcony” over on Two Cameras – Two Views.

Then it made it into “Monday Window 1 – Window on River Street“, albeit not by itself. It had to share the limelight with all the neighboring windows. But, that was Monday Window 1! The photo there was from a set photographed from the river. The set became a panoramic image. Some photos in that set suffered from motion blur as I was paning hurriedly.

Those motion-blurred images have served again and again as test subjects for evaluating the amazing capabilities of Topaz Sharpen AI.

See the frame in the upper right of the image above. That’s the building next door. See the tiny square – it marks the blurred antenna shown above, before and after sharpening. Another frame was not as blurred and made it into several posts. I will present it again here.

This group of buildings was been among my favorite photo subjects. Here we look at the group early one morning.

Here is a mess of photos from just across the street. No way to get back to get them all in, the Savannah river is there.

That set also served as the basis for stitching into various views.

And, of course, there were a couple of other posts where it made at least a cameo appearance: “Thursday Doors – 24“, and “Monday Window – April 27, 2020 – Contrasts in Windows“. That last post allowed only part of “that” window into the photo.

Surely it will sneak into many other posts to come.

Monday Window is a weekly blog post challenge featuring one or more photos of windows, prominently or as the main subject.

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25 thoughts on “Monday Window – April 12, 2021”

  1. I’ll be along with my contribution for this weeks Monday Windows. I was curious about Topaz Sharpen AI. Do you recommend it? Does it have a stitching feature? If so, is it fairly user-friendly? I’ve just run across an online ad for this program for $59.99. Is that a good price? Sorry to bug you, but I totally trust your judgement. 😃

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  2. I like Topaz Sharpen AI – Used it and its predecessor for some time. It does amazingly well at times, not always, however. They often offer discounts, especially to webinar participants. You might benefit by trying it first (they do a free trial). It does not stitch photos. For that I use Microsoft Image Composite Editor. They haven’t updated it in the last five years but it still is an amazing tool. It is free to download at

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  3. This site downloads the installation file. Run it to install ICE. During the installation, it might need to also install a support file (from Microsoft). Allow it to do so.

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  4. Sorry, Russell. It does make a difference. ICE runs only on Windows machines. I am not a Mac user, so I don’t know what comparable apps are available to you.

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