Monday Window – July 12, 2021

Window – not quite so prominent

Yes, yes, the “rules” for Monday Window say that the post should feature one or more windows “prominently or as the main subject”.

This past week, however, was again a rather busy one. I may tell more of the story elsewhere, but as this activity unexpectedly took over a good deal of time, and I was documenting the event, I did aim for this window with Monday Window in mind.

Now you might wonder what is going on?

And here he rapells back down.

Joyriding at our house?

Not exactly, this arborist is being hoisted up into our magnificent red oak. Sadly, it had started to tilt over and there was no way to save it. It had to be removed. That was a delicate operation. Branches were taken down one by one, lifted over the powerlines in front of the house, and brought down to be cut up.

Here is a photo of the second to last branch being secured for the crane. The arborist on the left then cut it off. It was a neat operation to watch, almost ballet-like in precision as the crew worked together. Even though I felt more like crying.

Here is a “window into the past” – looking back more that three-quarters of a century.

See that small, darker ring in the center? That was the diameter of this oak when our house was built and we moved in. We enjoyed its shade, and company for all those outer rings. It had grown to 86 inches around (218 cm) at the normal measuring height.

Monday Window is a weekly blog post challenge featuring one or more photos of windows, prominently or as the main subject.

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By Ludwig

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  1. That’s a great post, Ludwig. Those arborists are so great to watch. The other day I saw one very high up and I asked his colleagues if I could take a few pictures and they said, well, I had to ask him but I could not ask him right now because he was just at a dangerous point of the operations. So I ignores my camera and just watched.

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  2. Teamwork is always impressive. More so in such a dangerous profession as working on trees. My philosophy on “street photography” is to take the photos and ask permission later if it seems necessary. I will remove the photos if there are objections. On some occasions I was asked to not publish them, but I shared them with the subjects.


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