Monday Window – August 9, 2021

A simple window

What makes a good window photo? The quick answer is, of course, that the same applies to photos of windows as to any other photograph. The picture needs to be technically ok, properly exposed, in focus, not blurred. There has to be a pleasant arrangement of the subject and other details – nice composition.

Photos are “light drawings” and as such the light should support the subject and bring out the features that matter to the photographer. Photos are also stories, and if the image tells the tale that the author intended than it is successful.

When you come to think about pictures of windows you begin to realize that there is much more to a window photo than pictures of other subjects or topics. Often a window photo is not at all about the window itself but what is around it. Builders and owners go to great lengths to decorate windows, sometimes in paint, sometimes in stone, or other materials, always in form. Sometimes what matters is what is seen through the window.

Yes, window photography is different, it can take us to times and places that makes the genre satisfying, enjoyable, even addictive.

Oh, I suppose I could go on and on, touting the values of window photography. Maybe you think I am doing all this just because my offering today is a simple window. It is very plain. It does have a hint of reflection of a pleasant sky, there is a frame provided by a crepe myrtle tree, even with a flower cluster, and a lamp post. The angle is just a bit unusual. If we ranked the offerings of the window photographers today, this would rank near the bottom. I might even offer excuses for not doing better, but that should never be part of the photography hobby. We take pictures for reasons that are hard to explain. We do it for our own sake, rarely to satisfy others. It is our thing.

Monday Window is a weekly blog post challenge featuring one or more photos of windows, prominently or as the main subject.

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