Monday Window – January 3, 2022

Happy New Year – 2022!

Here we are – with the year 2021 behind us and all of 2022 to go. The past year has been challenging with many difficulties, yet Monday Window has survived. This is a very small blog, just 96 followers, but with a worldwide circle of friends. As you can see from the stats here, Monday Window was steadfast and published every Monday throughout the year.

What 2022 has in store for us we to wait and see.

Plastic Windows

Christmas day was blustery but fairly warm. We decided to talk a walk as the stores were closed and hardly anybody out and about.

One of our newer restaurants was along our way. It has a covered patio with large “windows”. Plastic “panes” are rolled down to protect against wind and weather. The sheets were being blown in and out and that provided a never ending display of varied reflections.

Happy New Year!

May the new year bring better days, health and happiness to all my friends!

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