Monday Window – January 17, 2022

Snow at our house

It does not happen very often and when it does it is not always welcome. A wide-area storm started coming through this past weekend. It brought us snow for the first time this winter.

As you can see, we pulled the blinds on most of our windows.

The photo above (and at the bottom) was taken mid-afternoon. The photo immediately below was taken earlier as the rain had changed to sleet, then snow.

So, we are excitedly looking out our windows as I get this post ready. Maybe this is not so much about windows as about our weather. Please forgive my excitement.

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28 thoughts on “Monday Window – January 17, 2022”

  1. Thank you, Margaret. You are so right. Snow is exciting on the first day. After that it can get to be a pain. We are lucky. The storm passed quickly. What snow there is will likely be gone by the end of today.

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  2. Thank you, Manja. We get snow a bit more often here in the “sunny South” of the USA, sometimes it is a treat, sometimes a real problem.
    I love your windows and the whole castle, but especially how nicely you photographed it all.

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