Monday Window – February 28, 2022

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Each week I promise myself to get my “Monday Window” photos organized. Then there are more important things to get done and the organizing just doesn’t come to pass.

I have several folders with older photos to reach back to if I don’t have anything current. That has been my source most weeks recently. I look in the folders for images that I have not already shared. The ones here seem to fall into that category. If you have seen them before, let me know when and I will reward you handsomely (be modest in your expectations).

This is a delightful storefront in the charming downtown of Norcross, Georgia. With the reflections there is a confusion of shapes and colors. Enjoy!

Monday Window is a weekly blog post challenge featuring one or more photos of windows, prominently or as the main subject.

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  1. Yes, you spied the edge of “Taste of Britain” our store with all sorts of imports from the U.K. I used to buy Dundee marmalade there, but now it’s available in nearby groceries.


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