Monday Window – April 11, 2022

Airplane Windows

Recently I came across these “antique” photos taken with an old Nokia phone years ago. Only found down-sized copies and could not locate my originals. So I reprocessed what I found and they came out reasonably well. You can see from the “obscured” id number on the engine that something is not quite right.

Not long ago I posted other “airplane windows” taken much more recently on this same field as Cockpit Window.

Back in May 2015 I had lunch with friends at the restaurant at this field and we watched airplanes go by on a nearby taxiway. So here is a window looking out at “airplane windows”.

Many, many years ago, when I was “somebody”, I flew in and out of this field on one of those private jets.

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  1. Actually, I had a couple more boat windows, but thought that might get boring. But we are having fun. That’s what counts. Thank you for your really wonderful photo, bushboy!

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