Monday Window – April 18, 2022

Glass Block Window

Some eight years ago on a visit to Athens, Georgia, we stopped in a small cafe. Part of the front wall was done with glass bricks. A somewhat unusual use, glass bricks don’t allow looking through, but they are great for letting in light and for privacy.

The photo was taken from the inside. That way the neat texture shows nicely.

This is not the first time that glass bricks made it into Monday Window. Here is a link to another post with glass brick windows, “A simple window“.

As you look at this photo you will notice a window across the street. A bit distorted, but a plain, utilitarian window. The glass blocks obscure other windows that are actually much more interesting. I will end with this teaser – come back next Monday to see what was behind the glass bricks.


One hundred! That is the number of followers of Monday Window. A proud achievement even if it is a very modest sum. Some of our Monday Window bloggers have thousands, even tens of thousands, of followers. Good for them! Good for all of us.

Our statistics are modest to say the least, but it is not all about this blog, it really is about the dedicated photographers and bloggers who keep their eyes open, see the world around them, and the little things, including windows. Who create beautiful photographs, captivating stories, and share with us a little bit of their lives. It is about this little group of friends who enrich our lives, who bring us a little spark, a little cheer. Thank you! Thank you all! And many thanks to our followers!

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  1. So sorry, my friends. I had PM checked rather than AM. Must be getting old. I did verify on the next two posts that they will publish at 6 AM as usual.


  2. I remember these glass bricks from my London childhood, where I used to notice them in pavements, admitting some light to the cellars below. It’s unusual to me to see them as actual windows. Congratulations on 100 followers! It’s all about the quality!

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  3. Congrats on the 100!
    I almost missed your post today – the combination of grandkids and Easter has me rushing through the feed (I’ll catch up during the week). I’m not very partial to glass bricks but I like them in your photo. And I’m looking forward to next week.

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  4. I love glass bricks….I found some in Melbourne recently which I will post in due course. Congrats on reaching 100!! Funnily enough I also reached that number this week!!

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