Monday Window – April 25, 2022

Windows making a statement

In the prior post I teased about the windows hidden behind the glass brick wall in the featured photo. Well, to tell the truth, this week’s windows were hidden even deeper.

Here is what the photos looked like in the archive.

As you can see, the photos are sadly underexposed. When glancing through the images there was nothing here to catch the eye, just bad photography. I was careless and let the bright blue sky confuse the camera. Something I am well aware of and normally avoid, but this was more than eight years ago.

Any post-processing photo editor can dig the detail out of these shadows, but that also makes the noise very dominant. Currently a number of companies are vying for the top slot in noise reduction. I still find the offering from Topaz Labs to do a very effective job. Let me show you.

You may see the window on the right in last week’s photo.

You can also see why I titled this “windows making a statement”. The shabby, deteriorating brick facade is clearly intentional. The fake palm trees tell you that.

I wondered how that building looks today. Running over to Athens didn’t fit into my schedule, so I decided to look and see how it might appear in Google Street View. My camera does not have GPS, so the images don’t contain location information. I like to recommend taking a photo with a smartphone to log the place information. Of course, I didn’t do that. However, the context of the other photos from that day pretty much told me that this was on Clayton Street. Here is how it shows in Google Maps. Not much has changed …

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