Monday Window – May 2, 2022

Railroad Windows

In keeping with recent efforts to show a variety of “mobile” windows, this week we reach once again into the archives. Back in 2014 I visited the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia, with a group of photographers.

As you well know, old railroad stuff draws photographers like honey draws flies.

So here are some railroad windows.

Of course, I also had to be a bit creative with a couple of nostalgic, black-and-white photos.

All Aboard!


This is the two-hundredth post here at Monday Window. There have actually been a lot more posts than this as I posted my early Monday Window contributions on two other blogs. This blog came about because back when I started this challenge, WordPress would not list posts from self-hosted sites in the WordPress Reader. That is how this blog came about, as a workaround to a little annoying problem.

I will take this opportunity to thank all who have followed Monday Window and especially all the contributor to this topic.

Keep looking for and finding windows wherever your paths take you, and thank you for sharing and taking us along!

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  1. Congratulations on reaching this milestone and what incredible windows to celebrate with…..I should learn to think outside the box, like this, a bit more with my photographic opportunities.

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