Monday Window – June 6, 2022

Very plain windows

To tell the truth, when I took these photos, it was not the windows that were foremost in my mind. It was the dark clouds over the building.

Those clouds are impressive, aren’t they? Of course, I did not worry at the time about tilting the camera, actually my iPhone, upward and causing the building to “fall over”. That bit of perspective distortion has always bothered me. My post Perspective Distortion talks about that problem and how to avoid or fix it.

One of my favorite tools for perspective correction is ICE – the Microsoft Image Composite Editor. That app is really intended for combining images into composites, but with a little trick it can be used to apply all its magic to a single photo. That is what I did with these two pictures. Since the sky is so impressive, I will show you the uncropped versions after the ICE correction. You can see what it really does: It stretches out the image at the top and thus “keeps the building from falling over”.

I like to retain just a little bit of the perspective distortion, as I did here, to avoid the “academic” look of a fully corrected image.

The image at the top and below is just a crop from the first one.

OK, you can now send me the tuition fee this little tutorial.

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16 thoughts on “Monday Window – June 6, 2022”

  1. Love your photos, Margaret. Much more personality in those buildings than in mine. I don’t know about pay grades, but I am sure that you can learn a few more tricks to make your photos even more compelling. You are doing fine as it is!

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  2. Not a school, eklastic. It is a business building, stores on the main floor, offices upstairs. It is rather plain, but your school is classier looking!

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  3. Thank you, Teresa. Yes, the building is quite utilitarian (that’s polite for cheap) looking. The clouds are impressive, aren’t they?


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