Monday Window – July 4, 2022

First and Last

In my previous post I promised to show some photos from an old archive folder. The reason was that the first photo was of a window, and the last three photos also were photos that contained windows.

So here we are. First I will show you the images without cropping. Pretty much every photo I take will undergo some cropping in post-processing. Much of that comes due to my eyesight that is not as good as it once was and neither is my ability to hold the camera steady. I make up for these shortcomings by shooting the view wider to provide space for proper composition, leveling, and such.

And now with a bit of cropping.

The first photo showed the window “stuck” to the top of the frame. I felt that it might look better when balanced vertically. There is also a slight shift to the right. I think it works better that way.

The second photo shows the top of the tourist boat River Queen. There was too much sky at the top and left. Here the structure is more prominent.

For the third photo I wanted to crop in tighter to make the flags more prominent. Since this post publishes on the fourth of July, I wanted to say

Happy Birthday U.S.A. !

Lots of windows in the last photo, but a bit far away. But more importantly, the horizon was not level in the original.

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