Monday Window – August 8, 2022

Museum windows – once again

My readers know that I use photos from my archives for most of my posts here. I have a special folder with “unused” images that I remove when published. Two old photos there have bugged me for some time. I was sure that I had featured those before but could not locate the post. Here they are:

As it turns out, I have not shared these two here before. However, way back in the early days of Monday Window, when I posted my own photos over on 2C2V, they were in one of the earliest posts, number 7 in fact, on March 7, 2016. Take a look: Monday Window – 7 — Windows at the Museum

The featured image from that post was also shown here on August, 12, 2019 as “Through the Horse and Out the Window”.

Well, I can relax now and retire those two reminders. Hope you enjoy, and get a chuckle out of my nostalgia trip.

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