Monday Window – October 10, 2022

Another Look

Last week we looked at the windows of an old building in Athens, Georgia. We did not pay much attention to what was around the windows. Let’s take a closer look and also look at either side.

Below is the view of the left side. We can make out most of the text. In faint white: TANNER LUMBER. Under the top windows: PLYWOOD – LOCKS – HINGES – HARDBOARD. On the sides of the arched windows at the main floor: CEILING – FLOORING – SIDING – AQUELLA Water Proofing.

Below is the view we saw in the last post. Not all of the text is legible, but what I can make out says: TANNER LUMBER CO — LIME – BRICK MILLWORK – ROLL Roofing – ASPHALT Shingles – OILS – PAINTS — SCREEN WIRE – DOORS – [FR]AMES – WINDOWS – INSULATION – SHOWER Cabinet[s] – ASBESTOS Siding.

Asbestos siding? This must go back some time. Indeed it does. The building dates from 1909. It operated as a lumber company until 1995.

Let’s take a look at the right side – our featured window.

The writing is easier to make out: TANNER LUMBER CO. – BUILDING MATERIALS INC. — GLASS CUT TO SIZE. Glass cut to size – how fitting for a blog about windows.

This was the home of the Tanner Lumber Company from 1947 until 1995.

There is a bit more to this story. Are you wondering why we look up in this photo and not show all of the side? I will tell you the rest in the next post.

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