Monday Window – January 23, 2023

Urban windows

Continuing on with my early morning trip into the city. The streets were still uncrowded. However, the parking lot at Starbucks on the left was full. Seems like a lot of us need that cup of coffee to get the day started.

Here is a view of an apartment building. The windows looked intriguing with their varied reflections. In the evening many of the windows likely would be lit up, but at this hour the place looks still asleep.

Our destination was the building in the next photo. We made it there just at the time of sunrise. The glass-walled building reflects the neighboring building which in turn reflects the glowing sky. It was rather neat.

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  1. Thank you, bushboy. The Reader can be troublesome. Add monday-window to your tag list to find the tagged ones – but most bloggers don’t tag. Of course, I would love to have you subscribe and get an email for each post.

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  2. Tagging is really a good idea. WordPress auto-generates pages for you. Fans can find the posts. You don’t need to add those pages to your menu. You can even go back and tag old posts.

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  3. I do add tags to my posts if at time a bit OTT but don’t use them as intended I guess. I guess my comment was confusing. I retrieve a lot of what I want from people adding to my comments or posts and from reader.

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