Monday Window – March 16, 2020

Fake Windows – 2

Continuing with fake windows. I started this back in November 2019, but called that post Dark Windows. I also showed the back part of a fast food restaurant building. This too is such a place. Rather than making the windows look like almost the real thing, here no attempt is made to fool the eye.

I looks like the brick paving that it is.

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Monday Window – September 2, 2019

West Side Market

This is a photo taken some five years ago inside the West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio. The big window on the south-west side serves as a backdrop for a small gallery were many folks enjoy some of the tasty food items from the market below.

I think the lens on my phone was a bit smudged that day as other photos from back then are nice and clear.

Monday Window is a weekly blog post featuring one or more photos of windows prominently or as the main subject.

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