New for 2017 – Get Featured!

This blog, Monday Window, publishes a post each week when Monday starts (at the dateline). Bloggers add a link to their own posts in comments. Comments on the Monday Window post stay open for three days to cover the entire Monday time anywhere on earth and to give a bit of extra time. This continues unchanged.

Bloggers from far and wide have joined in the Monday Window challenge and provided posts on their blogs with wonderful, interesting, amazing, and memorable photography of windows from many places. However, the posts on this blog were, well, let’s say bland. These post were just a place to show links to bloggers’ contributions. Nothing exciting or different in each post.

In 2017 we will change that and make the posts on this blog, Monday Window, look more like a newspaper by featuring photos and links by bloggers from far and wide. Adding links to current posts in the comments will continue. No change there. Above the comments, however, we will show – feature – contributed photos, images provided by “Monday Window Bloggers”. Those photos will also link to the blogs to allow visitors and readers to see current and earlier posts.

To get featured in a future Monday Window post submit the needed information before the deadline. Deadlines are needed, just like for a real newspaper, in order to get the post ready before the publication moment. Deadlines are each Wednesday before the post Monday. You can submit material for up to three months ahead. Only one feature per week!

Here is how it works

►►► Upload the photo, showing a window subject that you wish to get featured, to your own WordPress Media Library. You can do this well before you post the photo in a post of your own.

►►► Obtain the URLs of the photo. To get that, click on the photo in you Media Library. Copy the URL shown there. See the illustration here. Do not copy the URL in your browser address bar. To include the photo in the Monday Window blog post the link to that photo is needed. Just the URL of that one photo is requested. The photo will not be downloaded for this use, it will not be added to our library. The photo stays in your library and continues to be under your control.


►►► You also need the URL of your Monday Window category page. That URL looks like this: https://yourblog.wordpress.com/category/monday-window/ – Note that this is your blog address followed by /category/monday-window.

►►► Pick the Monday on which you want the photo to be featured. See calendar in sidebar at right.

►►► Fill in the form below and submit it by the Wednesday prior to the desired publication Monday. That’s it.

Note that there is text space for anything you want to say to go along with your photo.

If you need help, use the form on the Get in Touch page