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  • Monday Window – May 29, 2023

    Monday Window – May 29, 2023

    Vehicle Windows Normally I don’t take photos when driving. That statement leaves a bit of wiggle room and that is when traffic is at a standstill. On my way home one day last week I found myself in such a situation. Traffic just crawled along. I saw some rising smoke ahead, and then a bit…… Read more

  • Monday Window – May 22, 2023

    Monday Window – May 22, 2023

    Clouds over Atlanta Two years ago I was looking out a window toward the skyline of Atlanta. Interesting windows in many structures. It was evening, 6:48 pm, to be exact. The scene seemed worthy of a photo. I used my iPhone. The photo did not turn out well. It languished in my archive until just…… Read more

  • Monday Window – May 15, 2023

    Monday Window – May 15, 2023

    When the window is not the subject We share images of windows here. Most of the time one or more windows are indeed the subject of the photo. Sometimes a window is a feature, but not the main topic. That is the situation with my Monday Window here. The workman outside is the real interest,…… Read more

  • Monday Window – May 8, 2023

    Monday Window – May 8, 2023

    Looking out at windows Interesting, the things you can learn from other bloggers. Were it not for bushboy and his fascination with “shades”, I would not have known that the impressive structure in the above photo was a slat awning. And this photo caused me to be conflicted. I had it planned for this post…… Read more

  • Monday Window – May 1, 2023

    Monday Window – May 1, 2023

    Big Windows Featuring the same building we have seen before. This time the side with the big windows. These last two images are really the same photo of the front of the building. On the right is a crop. This shows the slat-awning and its shadow. If you look carefully the shadow covers pretty much…… Read more

  • Monday Window – April 24, 2023

    Monday Window – April 24, 2023

    Just windows On my daily trip I come across some interesting places. One, a building supply company, I just could not resist. Fortunately, they open early when the sun shines on their offerings, and I did a quick in-and-out and captured the sights with my iPhone. … Toowoomba Windows Windows in Dublin STRAHLENBERGER SCHOOL Pat’s…… Read more