Welcome to Monday Window

This is the home of the Monday Window group participation event, a weekly recurring photography challenge. Each week participating bloggers post a photo of a window. The tag “Monday Window” allows others across the globe to see and enjoy the pictures.

If you like to take pictures then this activity can help you to open your eyes around your neighborhood, your town and places you visit. Seeing and photographing interesting windows can even sharpen your photo skills.

Join the fun, post pictures of windows once a week and become a Monday Window Blogger.

Here is how to do it

Once a Week

On each Monday publish a post on your own blog with a photo showing a window. That is basically it. There are some more little things to do to be seen and to connect with other Monday Window bloggers.

Do you have to do it every week? Of course not. Some weeks you might not have a photo to share or won’t feel like it. That’s fine. This is for fun, enjoy what others share, get inspired and post when you are ready.

►•◄ Options to help connect

  1. Set the photo (or one of them) as your Featured Image (if your theme allows that). Indeed do this for every one of your posts. The Featured Image is used as the lead illustration by the WordPress Reader, Twitter, Facebook, and others.
  2. Assign the tag Monday Window to the post so readers can follow you in the WordPress Reader. The WordPress Reader does not always list all tagged posts, don’t worry, there are other ways to connect with viewers and readers.
  3. Mark the post with the category Monday Window. This will allow WordPress to assemble a page showing all you Monday Window posts.
  4. Publish you post anytime on Monday in your time zone. If you don’t get to it until Tuesday, that is alright too, go ahead and publish it. (You can set your post to publish automatically if you wish. For how-to click here.)
  5. If you publicize it on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ use the hashtag #MondayWindow. Such posts are a really good idea to get folks to find your photos!
  6. After you publish your post, get its URL and add it in a comment on the weekly post on the front page of this site. The weekly post is open for comments until Wednesday.
  7. After Monday bring up the posts in the WordPress Reader and see what your friends have shared. Be generous with “Likes” and comments.
    Please Note: Not all participating blogs will be shown in the WordPress Reader search for “Monday Window”.

But wait, there is more!

►•◄ Add a link to your post in the weekly post of this blog

Yep, we already mentioned this in the instructions above. This is just a reminder. Each week add the URL of you blog post in the comments of the weekly post on this site. This allows readers to find your post from here.

►•◄ Be a Monday Window Blogger

You can add the Monday Window badge to your posts so readers can link to this site.

Highlight this smaller badge here, copy it (Ctrl-C) and paste it in your post (Ctrl-V). It will include the link to this post so others can join in.

If you are comfortable inserting HTML code in text mode, you can use this code to show the badge:

<a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full" src="" alt="" width="300" height="60" /></a>

►•◄ Be featured in the Monday Window post

The weekly Monday Window post here is also like a little magazine with big illustrations. See the page Get Featured for details.

►•◄ Add a Monday Window menu item to your blog

To help your readers find your Monday Window posts and to be able to see your older ones, assign each post a Monday Window category. You can then add that category to your menu as a tab.

►•◄ Be shown as a Monday Window Blogger

Add your blog to the Monday Window Bloggers page of this blog by filling out the form on that page. It is a little complicated to set up, but you need to do it just once.


If you need help, use the form on the Get in Touch page