How to participate in Monday Windows

Windows are all around us, windows to look into, windows to look out of. This challenge is to look AT windows, photograph interesting ones and share the images. You can either post new photos of windows or dig some out of your archives.

You may show one photo or more. You may wish to tell about the window. Include as much, or as little, text as you like.

Include this hashtag in your post: #MondayWindow  Use it also when posting in social media.

Use the tag Monday Window

The WordPress Reader can show recent post that are tagged Monday Window. Link to this address

You are welcome to include links in posts or in sidebar widgets, although this is not required. Here are examples:

To see Monday Window posts from other bloggers, go to your WordPress Reader and search tags for the Monday Window tag.

See Monday Window posts

You are welcome to use this badge. You can find it here:

You may wish to use this HTML code:

<a href=""><img class="alignnone" src="" /></a>

If you have any questions, or just what to say hello, contact me on the Get in Touch page.

To recap:

Participating in Monday Window blogging

  1. Prepare a post for your blog with one or more photos featuring windows. Write as much or as little text as you like
  2. Include the hashtag #MondayWindow
  3. Tag the post Monday Window
  4. Publish the post on Monday – or at any time you like

Then visit the WordPress Reader and look for Monday Window tagged posts. The URL for that is:

  • Be generous with “likes”
  • Let the blogger know about your thoughts by posting a comment
  • Become a follower of blogs you like

If the Monday Window bug bites you …

There is more you add to your enjoyment and that of your readers and followers. Mark your Monday Window post with the category Monday Window. Categories are powerful ways to manage posts on your own site. While tags can be tracked throughout the blogosphere, well the community, categories work just on your own site.

Add a category item to your navigation menu. You can see mine here, it is labeled My Monday Window posts. You need not do anything more. WordPress generates a page on the fly when someone clicks that menu item and populates the page with your posts.

One last request:

When you have a menu item for your Monday Window posts on your blog, please let me know. Send me a message via my contact page. I will add a page of fellow Monday Window bloggers to this site with a link to your blog.