Monday Window – November 23, 2020

Windows at a distillery

Some weeks ago I was re-editing photos for a post on another blog when I noticed a window with a story. I just had to bring some of those old photos over here to share with Monday Window fans.

Five years ago I took a tour of a distillery in Kentucky, world-famous for bourbon whiskey. The visit was to Woodford Reserve Distillery. It occupies a site going back some two hundred years, the buildings are old, solid stone walls.

My photos aren’t very good, but you can see the construction in this photo from the bottling building.

What I want to point out is the building where the distilling process takes place.

Take note of the left-most ground floor window. It looks like a white window shade is pulled down half way.

Here is the same window from the inside.

Notice the mechanism in this window. That is, to me, the most fascinating part. After the bourbon is distilled, in this building, and filled into barrels, the finished barrels move out this window. Yes, that the way the bourbon leaves the building! It winds up on a track where the barrels then roll down a slight incline to the next building where the aging takes place. There the whiskey rests for as much as several years before being bottles and sent out into the world.

Now you know why there are barrels in the photos at the top.

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