Monday Window – June 20, 2022

Arched Window – again

Just a few posts back I showed the arched entrance of the Augusta building housing the Morris Museum of Art and the Chamber of Commerce – Arched Window. As I was reviewing again my collection of old windows photos I came across the two here. At first, I thought these were just unused shots from that same day. Then I looked closer and noticed that these are six years older. I figured I better do them justice.

Here is the same building from the outside – lots of windows.

And another view from the inside.

The time stamp of the photo says 12:20 pm. Notice the clock in the photo shows 1:20 pm – I always keep my cameras set to standard time, I don’t adjust for daylight time.

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  1. Thank you, Teresa. I love your photos, couldn’t quite smell the delicious looking food. This old laptop doesn’t have all the latest features …

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