Monday Window – May 22, 2023

Clouds over Atlanta

Clouds over Atlanta

Two years ago I was looking out a window toward the skyline of Atlanta. Interesting windows in many structures. It was evening, 6:48 pm, to be exact. The scene seemed worthy of a photo. I used my iPhone.

Clouds over Atlanta

The photo did not turn out well. It languished in my archive until just a few days ago when I came across it again. Maybe, I thought there is something there. Lots of windows in the nearby buildings, many more invisible in the structures that form the distant skyline.

So, I played with it. Like we all do, I wanted the image to look pretty much as I remembered it. Our eyes can accommodate the different levels of light and we form a memory that is usually quite at odds with the way a camera records it. Again and again, I came back to this photo, determined to “enhance” it so it is just “right”. Finally, I settled on the version here.

Clouds over Atlanta

You may not be impressed, but it conjures up memories mixed with the ongoings of that day.

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  1. That photo is great enhanced or not Ludwig. It actually ticks so many boxes for the photo challenges lately. Hammads Weekend Sky, Lens Artists Cloudscapes and there was another I am sure – besides Monday Window 😂
    Isn’t it great to have a few more doing posts. I think I will add a bit onto mine like I did last time 🙂

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